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A love letter to all Women


From a woman to all women out there; body, mind and all.

You are loved. Even though I do not know you, I love you. I love the way you cry and wipe your tears because you do not want to worry your kids or family. I love the way you choose to stand up for yourself after he yelled at you again, for the last time. You used to think when will it stop? You know the answer, deep inside, so you select your path and you walk it; alone because you can. I love the way you capture your audience with grace and elegance. You were so afraid to get on the stage and now look at you. Glowing! I love the way you smile after you realize you are perfect just the way you are. You had your fair share of bullies, you were called the fat girl and yet you learned to love your body. That determination is your gift and no one can take it from you. I love you for keeping it together when you found out that you cannot have children. You always wanted them, but now it is time to hold your head high. You are enough. I love you for getting out of bed today; even though you did not wish to. You took a shower and combed your hair and that is enough. The big wins hide behind the little details, embrace those moments. I love you for who you are, flaws and all. They are your recipe and what makes you who they are, so be proud of yourself and pat yourself in the back. Tomorrow is a whole new day, waiting to be conquered and you will have to get back up.

I found myself looking through my previous posts and I felt that I had lost my voice. I saw my mouth move and nothing came out. Ideas fleeting me and an empty worksheet in front of me. I felt empty with an unyielding purpose for distraction and yet I wished for moments of light and color. If only I could see it. Touch it. Feel it. The suffering chose its host and it took its toll. I allowed myself to experience the bottomless pit because I think accepting it, ultimately birthed my newfound letters and words. I climbed and their sound filled my heart; their dance moved my soul. Who would have thought the journey up was painted in such pretty blues and pinks. In the moment of lifting, I looked back and I smiled. I was not sympathizing with my former shell of self. I was becoming my tomorrow, I was breathing again and was ready to write once again. My words were chosen and my mind was made up. I am a woman who falls and gets up, like you, like a million others, so it was my duty to bring it to the table. I hope this reaches you and you embrace your tomorrow. 



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